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Get Hype is a podcast where Aly, Mel, or a guest will explain what they are enthusiastic or passionate about and why you should be as well. Discover people who do cool things and what they are passionate about!

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    Episode 11: Rich Howard Part 2

    Here comes part 2 of Rich's Magic School bus! Rich Howard blows our gosh dang minds with some deep sea facts! #RichsMagicSchoolBus

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    Episode 9: Aaron J

    Join us in the magical world of musical theater! Aaron J Amendola tells us all about how he found musical theater, what it means to him, and some of his favorite shows!

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    Episode 8: Alex Roberts

    Alex Roberts whisks Aly and Mel away to the magical world of creating your own hot chocolate recipes!

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    Episode 7: Kat Kuhl

    Kat gets Hypes one of her favorite series of books, Discworld!

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    Episode 6: Ai!

    Our internet friend Ai came to visit and talk to us about head cannons and viewing them through a trans lens!

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    Episode 5: Meghan Dornbrock

    Meg gives us a glimpse into the wonderful world of Japanese Idols and some of the intricacies of the super fans that support them.

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    Episode 3: Jess K

    Jess hypes Aly and Mel about a Very Good book she found years ago and health as related to sex.

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